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Sales and Leasing

We Need VOLUNTEERS!(16yrs and older)

For Sale!




BABY Bunnies!  $15 each.

 Floppy ears!







Lease Horses:

***ALL our horses ride Natural Horsemanship and BITLESS***

Apollo- 15yr old Bay Percheron Draft Gelding, Trail Horse Deluxe and Carriage Horse

Lightening: 14yr old, Black Percheron Draft Gelding, Trail Horse and Adult Lesson Horse.

Goliath: 16yr old, BlackPercheron Draft Gelding, Trail Horse and Adult Lesson Horse.


Whiskey: 19yr Old Gray Reg. Curley Gelding, Trail Horse


Phantom: Morgan Gelding,  Trail Horse and Kid Lesson Horse


Aries: 17yr old, Black and White Hanovarian Gelding.  Special Back up Trail Horse


Spice:  6yr old Ranch QH mare, Gray Dunn with Zebra legs, Trail Horse and MAMA


Koko:  12yr old Paso Fino Gelding, Sooty Buckskin w/Dapples, Trail Horse        "IN PROGRESS"

Triton:  17yr old Percheron Gelding, Trail Horse

Opal:  15yr old Percheron Mare, Harness Horse/BroodMare.


Dakota:  12yr old Ranch QH mare, Strawberry Roan, Trail Horse and MAMA



Thunder: 17yr old Gypsy Vanner Gelding, Trail & Harness Horse

















We have several horses for sale!  So please just call for details, I can txt or email pictures and info.

Thank You,

Jen: 509-227-9077

For Sale:





Born 5/8/2016: Quality Ranch Bred QH Filly.  $1000, has great personality, super intelligant and level headed. Ground work and halter training started. Est 15hands mature.  Strawberry Roan, have Dam on site, Stud and Dam paper info. Has big scar on back right leg, cosmetic only, from her investigating a fence too much and getting caught and snagged.  Vet Dr'd nothing should affect her in maturity, just ugly scar...  Thus why this QH filly worth over $3k is only $1k because of this old injury healing.  





Born 4/26/2016   Stunning Line Back Dun, with ALL Primitive markings, high Quality Ranch Bred QH Filly.  $1500, has great personality, super intelligant and level headed. Super good start Ground work and halter training started, first to greet you, very friendly, good with feet and easy to handle. Est 15hands mature.  Striking Primitive Dun, have Dam on site, Stud paper info.



Born 7/2014 Yakima Mustang Filly, Beatuiful red color, sweet temperment, ground work started, good with farrier, stands, ties, loads n trailers.  $500


Mini Billy Goats!

  MultiColors, breeding age.  $75, have a few.....


Horse Leasing!

ALL INCLUSIVE horse lease. 

-Simple Month to Month

- All Tack included

-Access to all facilities, trails, arena obstacles, round pen and more!

-1 Free lesson included

$275 a month, 1 free lesson, all tack included! 

 $45 lessons. 5 pack and 10 pack specials too!

JingleBob-  Paint mare, well trained Barrel and trail horse. Needs experienced person, she turns and burns! Very well trained. Baby colt at side now, $2500 for sale, or lease on site.



Blue:  7yr old Percheron Stallion, Special person lease only, he is gentle and trail rides! But because he is a stud, need experienced person who either owns now, very recent owner, or a almost wanna-be trainer, just want him ridden!  He is liberty trained, gentle giant, moving to Bitless, EASY boy but is a stud so has occasional WOW moments, loves the trails..





Pearl:  14yr Percheron Draft Mare, Trail Horse and Carriage horse... 




Cloud: 12yr old Percheron Gelding, Harness Horse, soon to be trail horse.





** Offering Horse Boarding!**


  Call Jen 509-227-9077